Family Pets


Our family has three wonderful and gentle dogs.  Normally, they are not in the playroom or preschool room, but have been known to sneak down during snack and meal times for dropped morsels of food. 

We have a thirteen year old loving and gentle Golden Retriever named Alex. She stays upstairs and sleeps most of the day. She will go outdoors with us on occasion.   Next, we have Buddy. Buddy is a six year old Cocker Spaniel.  He is great with the children and loves to sneak downstairs to eat any leftover food.  He will typically go upstairs right after snacks and meals.  Lastly, we have a three year old Border Collie named Homer.  Homer is energetic and absolutely loves children.  They in turn, love him because he is obsessive about playing ball.  The children will throw a tennis ball over and over and he will catch and retrieve forever.  Homer is active in agility and flyball with our youngest daughter. 

Our family pets are healthy and always current with their vaccinations. Generally, we all go about our own business, except for outdoor play time when the dogs may want to go outside with us.  Our pets are a very important part of our family. We are a family with children also and we would not tolerate aggressive or unfriendly behavior.